Property Services

Finding the right property for you or your company!

Searching for a specific type of property commercial or residential in Germany, Berlin or UK London  

  • price range      € 500.000 or ~ 100 Mio.
  • yield based      4 %, 6%, 10 %
  • location            central, west, east? 
  • size                  100 or 100.000 sqm
  • development opportunities  


 If you are not yet sure what your are looking for or you are new to the Berlin market we offer a consultancy service. This can be for the Berlin property market in general, specific areas, the news, hot spots, the potential and a range of products and properties suitable for you to get it right. 

 We are advising, assisting and connecting you to the specialists in Property Management, TAX, Finance, Legal, Money Transfer etc.Please contact us for individual offers aP


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